Yoga Poses for Senior Citizens

It's never too late to start a new activity, including doing yoga at a very old age. If you want to be fit, yoga is a great way to go. It has many benefits, both physical and mental. It is for everybody, and you can do it at any age. 

Yoga is incredible for older people, which helps them maintain their balance, keep their joints flexible, maintain bone health and muscle mass, and learn how to cope with their mental state as they witness their bodies aging.

Yoga is excellent for concentration and emotional wellbeing. Seniors can earn plus points tremendously from the practice, and it gives them a place to quiet their minds and start to slow down in life. 

Here are some yoga poses that are good for elderly people.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Downward-facing pose canine posture is a resting reversal that develops chest area fortitude and expands adaptability. In this representation, the body frames an upset "V" with the feet and hands squeezing into the ground and the hips pushing to the sky.


  • Strengthens your bones
  • Improves blood flow to the brain
  • Strengthens your arms

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend Yoga Pose

Paschimottanasana is the Sanskrit name for a powerful yoga asana. It is a situated stance, where the chest area is collapsed forward over the legs to extend the hamstrings and back muscles. The term is gotten from three Sanskrit roots; Paschim, signifying "back," uttana representing "stretch," and asana signifying "seat" or "stance."


  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings
  • Invigorates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus

Triangle Pose

Triangle Yoga Pose

Triangle present is a standing yoga act that further develops center, equilibrium, and adaptability. This posture serves the body well as an opener for the hips while reinforcing the lower legs, knees, and thighs. It likewise extends the hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest, and spine.


  • Stretches the crotch, hamstrings, and hips
  • Opens the chest and shoulders
  • Fortifies the legs

Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Yoga Pose

Warrior two posture is the second of three related excellent standing stances that further develop strength and adaptability. The legs are put in a rush situation with the forward knee at 90 degrees in this representation.


  • Reinforces and stretches the legs and lower legs
  • Stretches the crotches, chest and lungs, shoulders
  • Animates stomach organs

Tree Pose

Tress Pose Or Vrikshasana Pose

Tree present is an adjusting represent that requires the yogi to stand established. To enter this posture, remain on one leg with the foot of the other leg squeezed against the internal thigh of the standing leg. The hands are extended vertical with the palms contacting. Stay in this situation for 30 seconds and rehash a similar strategy on the other leg. If ultimately expanding the arms is too troublesome, the yogi can alter the posture by keeping the hands in supplication before the heart. Tree posture may likewise be alluded to as Vriksasana in Sanskrit.


  • Works on postural and body mindfulness
  • Can help energy and battle weakness
  • Can assist with building certainty and strengthening

Intense Side Stretch

Intense Side Stretch Pose

Intense Side Stretch (Parsvottanasana) is a standing extraordinary side stretch yoga represent that profoundly extends the backs of the legs and further develops balance. From tadasana, feet stage three to four feet separated, toes pointing forward, hips squaring forward. The impact point of the front foot is lined up with the curve of the back foot. Hands are united behind the back in a converse supplication present. Middle faces a similar course as the front foot. With a breathe in, the middle lengthens; with a breathe out, it reaches out over the front leg. Shoulders are moved back, and the chest is open.


  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, and wrists (in the full posture), hips, and hamstrings
  • Fortifies the legs
  • Animates the stomach organs

Half Lotus Forward Bend

Half Lotus Forward Bend Yoga Pose

Half Lotus Forward Bend is a yoga inversion that strengthens and stretches the hamstrings and massages the abdominal muscles. In this pose, the body folds forward at the hips with the spine straight. This is a popular posture in vinyasa styles of yoga, and it is included in Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) A and B.


  • Stretches the spine
  • Improves flexibility
  • Stretches the hamstrings, quadriceps, and thighs

There are more Poses you can do in your old age. The following list shows more yoga poses. And you can find more detail about all these yoga Poses on our Website.

  • Eagle Pose
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Low Plank Pose
  • Plough (or Plow) Pose
  • Revolved Triangle Pose
  • Half Moon Pose
  • Half Moon Pose