Replacing a yoga mat

I would recommend changing your yoga mats every six months or eight months depending on the situation like mats are no longer slippery, or the thickness of the yoga is no more.

Changing yoga mats can prevent the worst impact, like getting injuries or any type of pain.

It is advised to change the yoga mats when there is the right time.

How do you know when you need a new yoga mat?

Seven signs indicate that you need new yoga mats.

Here are listed:

  • Check whether the edges of yoga mats are even or not, like thickness, whether they are comfortable performing the asanas.
  • If you see that your yoga mats are falling apart, then you should change it
  • Check whether your yoga mats are not worn out. Always be conscious while performing yoga that your hands and feet are comfortably adjusted or not.
  • As the pad in your mat begins to wear out, it becomes uneven and makes it hard to hold balance presents.
  • A few postures will put a strain on joints like your wrists, knees, and lower legs. Suppose you have an event like skipping pose during your yoga asanas since your yoga mat doesn't uphold your body in specific regions, and it's prompting joint torment. In that case, it's an ideal opportunity for another mat.
  • If you see holes in yoga mats that your yoga mats wanted to replace
  • If you feel the worst smell, then it can be one of chance that you should replace